River of Lethe

Writer's Ramble

In my novel, A Comfortable Distance, Derrick lives a life of determined isolation from people, from relationships, from God.  But in his solitude, he descends into a darker place that results in his own death wish and his eventual demise.  In the Dante-esque world where he finds himself, he learns that his rightful place is with the contorted, human-shaped trees in the Forest of Suicides.  He rejects the implication that he died as a suicide, having expired from an “accidental”overdose of sleeping pills and bourbon; the fact that he wished for death and lived a life of separation and self-destruction slots him for a spot in the forest, which he must fight against with every ounce of his being, struggling to extricate himself from the forest without the appearance of the protective irises that have inexplicably rescued him before (because the forest is where he belongs).

Derrick learns that…

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