Drawing Down The Moon


My friend, Thomas, is working on The Enchanter’s Almanac for 2018, to be released later this month.  Last year’s edition was the first and received some positive reviews from readers. We believe the coming year’s almanac will be even better.

Copied below is an article from the soon-coming edition, which will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Here is an article on the topic of moon magic:

Drawing Down the Moon

     No witch worth her salt ignores the potent resource of the moon to enhance the power of her spell casting.  From the most ancient times in history, magic practitioners have felt the strong allure of the moon and have comprehended the effect and supremacy of its cycles on the ocean tides and the climate, on menstrual cycles, on the mood and behavior of animals and people, and on the effectiveness of magic ceremonies and incantations. Witches in ancient literary traditions, while performing midnight rituals, were described as “drawing down the moon” to work their mysterious craft.  Those  well-versed in moon lore for the purpose of magical influence understand how lunar phases work to impact particular outcomes commensurate with either waxing or waning movements; that is, whether the goal is to attract or repel, to invite or banish, to enhance or diminish. 

     Each phase of the moon lends power to specific magical objectives; for example, a witch performing a spell to evict a troublesome spirit or banish a disease might draw on the energies of the dark or new moon, a spell to attract money or success is best executed during the moon’s first quarter phase, and an invocation to end a relationship or an irksome business partnership and promote closure is most effectively implemented during the waning gibbous cycle.    The time of the full moon is most popular among practitioners because the moon, during this phase, is at its height of its vigor and brightness and dynamism.  Magic intended to tackle your most difficult challenges, when a surge of enhanced energy is required, should be performed during the full moon.   The power of this lunar phase is best reserved for those times and situations that call for the heavy lifting of magic, for those big things needing significantly more “oomph” to either hurl them away or pull them near, or to shrink them down or enlarge them in your life.

     Perhaps the most charming effect of the moon, particularly when at its fullest, is the ideal atmosphere it creates for spell crafting, not to mention the practice of meditation, astral travel, coven ritual and feast day celebrations.  At no other time does a witch feel more like herself and in her element than while reveling in her craft under the gaze of a large, shimmery moon, dancing in ecstasy and ceremony, singing and chanting her spells, or simply rejoicing in nature.







Author: dennisgsellers

I grew up in Evansville, Indiana, which sits on the bend of the Ohio River. I am now 59 years old and living back in Evansville after living away for many years. I got my undergrad degree at IU in Bloomington, and my Masters at ISU in Terre Haute, Indiana. I worked for awhile teaching English in South Korea and briefly at IU on the Bloomington campus. I have always wanted to be a writer but never made a go of it. I also paint landscapes and like to read. I am a gay man, forever single it seems, though I have some pretty great friends whom I consider my brothers. Unsatisfied with teaching, I work now as a janitor and like the solitude of the job.

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