The Witch on Pumpkin Vine Hill


A friend and I have begun work on a new novel entitled The Witch on Pumpkin Vine Hill.  The story involves a young spinsterish woman whose life is lived, in the beginning, in relative obscurity, quietly caring for her sickly and demanding mother, looking after the house where she has lived all her life, tending to her garden and house plants, which flourish with more speed and lushness than can be explained by the standard green thumb.  Starla is aware of a strange power that seems at times to issue through her, such as occasionally when her duties and her mother’s demands overwhelm her and she finds that her tasks inexplicably complete themselves, leaving her astonished and wondering if she is loosing her mind or if some other more remarkable cause is at play.  She is vaguely familiar with odd stories about her father’s side of the family, which her mother forbids her to speak of.  Having lost her father at a young age, Starla remembers only her aunt on her father’s side, her namesake, Aunt Starla.  Upon her father’s death, when Starla was around three year’s old, she and her mother and older brother visited her aunt’s farm in Pennsylvania to bury her father in the family plot.  She remembers sitting on a blanket on a hillside near a tumbling pumpkin patch while her aunt, with long blonde hair and wearing a sort of gypsy dress, danced around her in a strange and joyful ceremony.  She remembers the bees that wove about her aunt’s ankles in a dance of their own, and that her heart filled up with love for and a deep connection to not only her Aunt Starla but to the  high hill full of orchards and thick woods and rich farmlands.

When her mother dies of her long illness, Starla begins her journey, first into a dark night of her soul when she encounters a sinister and stalking shadow that seems to watch her every move and discourage any act of independence, and then toward the discovery of her destiny involving the unexpected inheritance of her Aunt Starla’s farm on Pumpkin Vine Hill, which Starla learns is more than just a farm but an enchanted place, a power spot on Earth where magic thrives and dimensions intersect.  And with the help of teachers indigenous to the hill, she starts to learn her craft for a grand purpose involving her role as an earth witch and guardian in which she will span the gap between the planet’s utter destruction and its survival and ultimate healing.  But not without the interference of her rival, the stalking shadow, who soon reveals herself as a contender for the right to inhabit the enchanted property as  its chosen “witch of Pumpkin Vine Hill.”

I have written the first four chapters of the novel and have thought of publishing it as a series on Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing program.  Part one would be about 80 or 90 pages.  The photo above was created by my co-author, Thomas Paschal,  as an idea for the cover.  He has published his own Kindle book, The Okten Power, on Amazon.  We are excited about this new idea.  There’s much work yet to be done…