Boomers and Reincarnation


My best friend, Thomas, has begun to create a new Enchanter’s Almanac, illustrated by much of his own art work and filled with short articles and calendar items.  He has asked me to write some one-page pieces for the publication, and I am reprinting one of them below about the Baby Boomer generation and reincarnation.  A Boomer myself, I find this particular theory regarding holocaust victims of World War II reincarnating as passionately activist, anti-war “hippies” to be intriguing to say the least.  Here is the article:

Boomers and Reincarnation

An increasing number of web sites and internet forums provide a place for dialogue on past-life memories of the Holocaust in Germany during WWII. A prominent book on the subject entitled Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust by Yonassan Gershom explores the phenomenon of many Baby Boomers, born just after the war and into the 1950’s, having reported vivid dreams and memories of experiences in ghettos and concentration camps under the command of SS soldiers and cruel treatment by prison guards.

Reincarnation theory suggests that the souls of people who die very young or violently tend to reincarnate very quickly back into a physical body and, therefore, often carry fresh impressions of their recently terminated lives. As if in response to the unresolved trauma of their past lives, Baby Boomers entered their young adulthood with an impulse toward anti-war and anti-establishment demonstrations. This restless generation harbored inexplicable measures of angst and rage against “the man” that sparked a counter-cultural revolution, often referred to as the “hippie movement,” which influenced every level of society, including music and fashion and, eventually, public policy ensuring greater civil rights and liberties for blacks and women and other minorities, and that finally ended the Vietnam draft in 1973.

Over the past half century or so, a tremendous amount of scientific study by such pioneers in the field as Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker has resulted in a vast database of cases on past-life memories, particularly in children, who often recount their memories with detail precise enough to be verified. It a subject necessarily explored by anyone fascinated by the journey of the soul and what may lie beyond our present day lives.